We’re not just storytellers, we’re problem solvers.


Working under a tight deadline, we were tasked with an accelerated production schedule while still delivering high quality results. We were able to coordinate with a Montréal-based advertising agency to help Kijiji break into the Vancouver market through this hip, indie ad.

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup loomed, EA Sports contacted us to showcase the Canadian and US women’s national teams for their new promotions. This meant emulation of visuals while also bringing our own unique flare to the project.

There are plenty of attributes that play into a company’s decision to hire. With Éminence Organics, one of the most significant was consistency. Time and time again, we’ve been asked to deliver both smaller, quicker projects and larger, lengthier pieces and have managed to do so without missing a beat.


The Vancouver Canucks have more than just their on ice product to offer and as such, came to us to take promotional photos for their luxury suites and services. Through our ongoing relationship, we provide them with a variety of materials ranging from experiences to architecture.

After seeing our work in the past, Davie & Chiyo approached us interested in collaborating to achieve a specific look and feel. Here we were creating content to fuel their social media and marketing presence but beyond that, we gave their consumers a concrete sense as to what their accessories are like.