Vanmedia Marketing Solutions

Full service marketing and advertising agency based in Vancouver, BC.

The world is your audience, make them listen

It’s easy to get lost in the crowd. A single speck in a sea of endless messages. Everyone is shouting out to have their voices heard and sometimes it can seem like they’re drowning you out. We’ll do more than keep you afloat, we’ll make sure that your story stands above the rest. Find out how to make the world listen to your message.

01. Conception

We’ll work with you to not just send a message but to find the voice of your company
and figure out how that can connect to your audience.

02. Planning

With our creative team behind you, we’ll find out the best way to tell your story, whether that’s through film, photography, graphic design, or even 3D visualization.

03. Production

After we’ve laid the groundwork, we have an in-house core dedicated to executing your vision with precision and ingenuity.

photography Film Videography

04. Refinement

Finally, we’ll take the time to really polish your message with any feedback you may have.
Through this collaborative effort, we’ll ensure that people are seeing who your company really is.

Our Origin

Vanmedia is the merge of six media specialists of Vancouver.

Commercial Video

For us, a blank piece of paper is someone’s story waiting to be told. In the hands of a skilled craftsperson, even this plain sheet can become a beautiful paper crane. Let’s tell a story together.

Commercial Photography

I love the thrill of a shoot. I can’t get enough of enhancing edits. Photography is more than just a hobby. It’s a way of life. And it’s a way of life that I want to share with you.

Wedding Photos + Videos

RF Wedding’s cinematography and photography provides a unique blend of our quirky personalities with our passion for not only film and photo but more importantly for love.